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Victor Roest 0cd800e45f
6 months ago
alacritty 2022-07-29 6 months ago
arch-specific 2022-07-29 6 months ago
bspwm 2022-07-29 6 months ago
btops 2022-07-29 6 months ago
dunst various updates 3 years ago
libinput-gestures various updates 3 years ago
networkmanager-dmenu added network manager on click on polybar 4 years ago
nvim Minor update 3 years ago
polybar 2022-07-29 6 months ago
ranger minor updates 4 years ago
refind added rEFInd 4 years ago
rofi More config updated 4 years ago
sxhkd updates 3 years ago
touchpad add gestures 4 years ago
xdg some more configs 4 years ago
zsh 2022-07-29 6 months ago
.gitignore gitignore 5 years ago added gitalias file and updated nvim/coc settings 3 years ago added busy screenshot and change wifi interface 3 years ago
busy.png added busy screenshot and change wifi interface 3 years ago
empty.png updates 3 years ago

Laptop Dotfiles

Empty screenshot

Busy screenshot


  • Alacritty: GPU Accelerated terminal emulator
  • bspwm + sxhkd: WM + Keybindings
  • btops: Custom desktop mangement for bspwm
  • Neovim: New improved vi
  • Polybar: Customized status bar
  • Ranger: terminal file manager
  • Rofi: a better dmenu
  • networkmanager-dmenu: Rofi config to enable connection editing
  • ZSH: Shell customized with the grml config